Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Videos for 1-31-07

Hi and welcome again.

Thomas Hawk did a post the other day about Sigmund and the Sea Monster and embeded a YouTube clip. The thing I liked about the post was not Sigmund,( we have already showcased that clip) but the other totally obscure shows that I had forgotten about.

Shows like...

Run Joe Run

And shows like..


Here the only other scene from Shazam! I could find on YouTube.

Shazam! (Rare Scene)

Thomas also mentioned...

Isis Intro

After we laughed at those, Anji and I decided to look for more.

We found...

The Ghost and Mrs Muir

Did you see Charles Nelson Reilly? No? well you can't miss him in this next clip!

Bic Bannana Ink Crayons

To round off the Charles Nelson Reilly trifecta, we have a clip from the great "Match Game". I loved Charles in that show.

Match Game... Boobs!

So, there you have it. Thanks Thomas for the inspiration for today's post.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Videos for 1-26-07

Hi and welcome to another show! Glad you can join us. Hopefully you will like what we have for you today!

This finger board guy is pretty amazing. I think the word the kids are using today is SICK.

Fingerboard Alexis Milant

Speaking of sick, check out this kid. He takes his wheelchair to the skatepark and does the world's first wheelchair backflip!

Wheelchair Backflip

Here is some bigfoot footage that was supposed to be found in 28,000 feet of footage that they were shooting in Tahoe for Mercedes Benz. The people that shot the footage are claiming that the footage is "real".

Bigfoot Benz

Bigfoot is getting more popular these days as this funny cell phone commercial proves.

Cinglar Cellphone Bigfoot

Ok, that is all we have for you today. Unitll next time! eyeseaubyby

Monday, January 22, 2007

Videos for 1-22-07

Whoa, I just found this. My friend Mike Rugg is interviewed about his museum, The Bigfoot Discover Project.

Way to go Mike!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Videos for 1-18-07


Just one video today. This is a really good documentary about an autistic lady that figured out what the cows wanted. Seriously, it is great! So, you should check it out. Yes Will, I am talking to you.

Check it out.

The Woman Who Thinks Like A Cow

Monday, January 15, 2007

Videos for 1-15-07

How about some songs about YouTube?

Here is a heartfelt ballad

Break: The YouTube Song!

This one says it all!

Addicted to YouTube

This song is about some of the YouTube users.

YouTube Song

Here is another heartfelt song.


Dang, people really like making songs about YouTube. Here is yet another person with tallent that sings a song.

On Youtube (a tribute in song)

This song is not really about YouTubers I think, but maybe dedicated to them. It is funny.

Song For And About Youtubers.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

videos for 1-13-07

Hi and welcome again to the show! Glad you decided to stop by, so go ahead and leave a comment.

Today we start off with a horrible driver. This is truly amazing. They must be wasted or something. The clip is a bit slow in parts, but wait for it, it is worth it!

Bad Driver
Hosted on Flurl Video Search - Watch More Videos

You can file this next video in the "What will they think of next" file. This looks gnarley, but it is probably safer than BASE jumping!

Hosted on Flurl Video Search - Watch More Videos

Check out these crazy birds and their wacky formation.

Bird Flock

This kid does some impressions. 101 in four minutes to be exact.

101 impressions in 4 Minutes

Watch this guy draw a perfect circle.... FREEHAND!

Perfect Circle

I don't know if you have ever messed around with Line Rider, but if you have, you know how cool this video is.

Line Rider - Resistance of the Backflip II

I just saw this song. It is funny and I like the video too.

The Noob Song

Ok, that is all for today! See you next time.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Good day and welcome to today's show!

First off, we have the newest episode of Vlog Soup.

Vlog Soup

Here we have the latest adventure of Garret Lambert, the "American King". This guy cracks me up. At first, I thought he was playing a "character", but no, this is just the way he is.

American King: Having a Blast

Next we have Vlog Gumbo with Chuck. He kind of creeps me out, but I like his show anyway.

Vlog Gumbo: Episode 12

Here is something cool. It is Perry Ferrel interviewing the Thievery Corporation. The Thievery Corporation is a really cool band.

Lola Lives: Thievery Corporation.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Videos for 1-3-07

Ok, here we are yet again. With even more videos!

Yesterday we left you with some New Year's goodness. Today we are going to continue the trend.

Check out the fireworks on New Year's Eve from London! Bad Ass!

So, New Year's means resolutions. Here are Amanda's.

I had heard about this video, but had not seen it till now. Check out this kid on guitar, he rocks!

Speaking of good guitar players. Have you ever heard Keller Williams? Here he is with String Cheese Incident.

Whenever I hear Keller Williams, I am always reminded of the High Sierra Music Festival. Here is some footage of Sound Tribe Sector Nine from the High Sierra.

And for those of you that just can't get enough of Sound Tribe... Here is some more footage from the same show.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Videos for 1-2-07

Hello and welcome to another fun filled episode. Let's watch some videos!

Check out these crazy dudes trying out drift racing.... And crashing!

Whoa! Albino deer.

Here is the newest trend... Ghost Riding the Whip? I don't know, looks lame to me. This video is funny cause the guy's car gets stolen while in mid-ghost ride.

This is cool, 250,000 superballs bouncing down a street in San Francisco.

Like No Other - video powered by Metacafe

Of course, we could not finish off today's episode without showing the Star Wars floats in the Rose Parade.

Video for 2/2/07

In honor of the great City of Boston, I have rededicated this post (I created this post a couple of days ago... before the craziness)

It is interesting to see how video on the web is changing. Now days more and more "Legit Clips" are being posted onto YouTube. My favorites are the Mooninites.

Here are some clips posted by that are legal.

I like the Mooninites the best.

Rock Your Face!

Mooninites Break-Out

There are many other funny shows on

One of them is Sealab 2021.

Hello Old Friend