Sunday, December 03, 2006

Videos for 12-3-06

Welcome to another show! Today we have more from the exciting world of the best videos on the internet.

I loved this theme song.

Wide, Wilde World of Animals: Intro Theme time :35

Here is a trip down memory lane. Do you remember School House Rock? I liked this one.

School House Rock: Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla time 2:58

Speaking of TV, here is a clip to get you fired up for the next clip after this

Chips Intro time 1:11

This is some amazing driving. Talk about lucky! What would Ponch and John have done?

Police Chase time 2:31

Whoah, surf's up dude! Like waaaaayyyy up! This is a HUGE wave!

Surfing: Big Wave Surfing time 1:29

Speaking of Extreme Sports, have you seen Parkor yet? It is all the rage in Europe. Coming to a urban landscape near you!

Street Parkor Video time 1:40

Here is a good example of the cool thing about internet video. You see all kinds of strange things.

Bottle Music time :41

Gotta love the Moonites

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Prank Call time 1:55

Dave Letterman and Richard Simmons. Those wacky guys!

David Letterman: Exploding Steamer time 2:37

And we end it off with the best ending theme song ever!

Wild World of Animals time :35

Well, that is all we have for this episode! Check us out next time for even more crazy entertainment from the best of the internet.