Thursday, November 30, 2006

Videos for 11-30-06

Alright, here is the first show.

On today's episode, we have some "classic" web clips... Classic meaning that they are older than a week, so you might have already seen some of them.

In the future The Eighteen Hundred will be bringing you Classic and brand new clips from around that crazy place known as the World Wide Web. So, kick back and let's get on with the show.

This clip I feel is very funny. Yes, it is Star Wars related, but you might think it is funny anyway. This also is a great example of how you can do some really good stuff without all the Hollywood drama.

Chad Vader, episode 1 time 4:46

This next clip is actually brand new as of today! It is the new Ask A Ninja! If you have not seen Ask A Ninja, then you are in for a treat. It is a very funny and well written show.

Ask A Ninja: Special Delivery 11 "Ninja Day" time 2:25

This clip is an interview with Darryl Hannah done by Amanda Congdon. In this video Darryl talks about her car and her work to save the South Central LA farm.

Amanda Across America time 11:00

Since we have a variety show, how about some music? This video is by the one and only Joy Division, and the song is "Love will Tear Us Apart"

Joy Division "Love will Tear Us Apart" time 3:36

This next clip is back to our old friend the Sci-Fi genre. This is Galacticast! It is very well done for a couple of armatures. Well, they are not really armatures, as they seem to be quickly turning pro. Anyway, here is their acceptance speech to the Vloggies.

Galacticast "Five Vloggies" time 5:00

For our last video of the night, we have the great ZeFrank! This guy has tasked himself with doing a video blog a day for a year. He is pretty funny and quite clever. He also sings! This episode has a example of one of his fine dittys.

Ze Frank "7-11-06" time 3:30

Well, there you have it, our first installment. Not exactally 1,800 seconds, but I think we are close.

See you next time on The Eighteen Hundred

Welcome to the show!

Welcome to The Eighteen Hundred! This blog will present to you the best videos on the web as picked by me! Yes, I will pick the good stuff so you don't have to!

Every post will highlight eighteen hundred seconds, er, 30 minutes, of video you will enjoy.

Think of this webspace as a half-hour show... But where you view short clips and they aren't all strung together. Oh, and no commercials, just ads on the side.

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