Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Videos for 12-13-06

We are going to check out some vloggers today. I had thought that my old crappy ipaq had broken down, so I had not been watching vloggers in a week or so. I figured out that the ipaq was not broken, so I am watching vloggers again. Here are some vloggers and other videos from internet land.

This first vlog was good the first episode, and is good the second.

39 Second Single :Episode Two

I met Paul at the Vloggies. He is a great guy, and vlogging has gotten him on the BBC!

Paul Knight: Paul @ The BBC

No, not Talk Soup, but Vlog Soup.

Vlog Soup: Episode 19

Geek Entertainment TV is a fun show. Here, they talk to Beck's band.

GETV: Let's Hack This Beck