Thursday, December 07, 2006

Videos for 12-7-06

More good stuff as always.

Zefrank was really funny the other day. I like the "Straighting techniques" I have used them many times myself.

Ze Frank: The Show 12-5-06 time 3:35

This next videos shows a good way to ruin your day. And your car. Well, only if you live in England...

Sneaky Drivers time 1:43

This next video is about John Edwards. He is a politician who has some good things to say. At least I think so, and I am a "left wing loony"

Out on The Stoop: John Edwards time 4:00

Speaking of "Left Wing Loonies". Wally George made up that term. Wally George was a right wing talk show host out of Orange County, CA back in the 80's. His Daughter is famouse actress Rebecca DeMorley. You can check him out here...

Wally George: A Real American time 3:35

How about some video of a really good bike rider. I could do this, but I don't want to.

Trials Rider time 1:43

Check out this! Crazy cat gets all the way into a bowl!

Cat in Bowl time :28

Here is a nother crazy video via YouTube. Check out this buggy! It goes straight up the wall!

Little Buggy that Could time :20

Ok, that is all for today's show. See you next time!