Monday, December 11, 2006

Videos for 12-11-06

Songs from the Andy Griffith Show are really good! The Darlings (The Dillards)made many appearances on the show, and they were always good. Here are some of their best appearances!

I really like this song. It is called Dooley.

Andy Griffith Dooley
time 1:14

This one is nice too.

Andy Griffith There is a Time time 2:26

They had a lot of songs that were good.

Andy Griffith Doug's Tune time 1:49

And again

Andy Griffith Boil them Cabage Down time 1:19

They just keep comming.

Andy Griffith Shady Grove
time 1:40

Andy sings in this one.

Andy Griffith Woah Mule time 1:55


Andy Griffith Low and lonely time 1:16

Salty Dog is quite the crazy song. Catchy....

Andy Griffith Salty Dog time 1:52