Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Videos for 12-5-06

Well, here we are again, another day, another show! It is not like we are going to ever run out of content to post!

YouTube is really amazing. No matter what kind of bizarre obscure stuff I look up, I always find it on YouTube.

The Banana Splits Theme: time :35

Ok, next up we have a video made by yours truly. Yes, this video is one that I made. It is about the Circus Trees that used to be in Scott's Valley.

Greg's Video Blog: Circus Trees time 5:00

Here is a brand new vlog and it is pretty funny. I hope they can keep it up (no pun intended!)

39 Second Single time 2:35

You really should watch all of the American King posts. All I can say is I love Garrett Lambert!

American King time 3:00

Here is another good show I like. It is called Goodnight Burbank. I met Gordon at the vloggies and he was really nice. I think their show is very well produced and of the highest quality. If you like it, go check out all their videos.

Goodnight Burbank: Episode 18 time 3:00

Ever wonder what happened to Jim Neighbors after Gomer Pyle? He stared as a robot on a cheesy Kroft show

The Lost Saucer: Intro Theme time 1:00

Speaking of the Kroft Superstars. I loved Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. Here is the theme from the second season.

Sigmund the Sea Monster: Intro Theme time 1:45

Ok, there you go. I hope you have enjoyed today's selections. Don't forget to check out our archives for more good stuff and I will see you later!