Sunday, December 31, 2006

Videos for 1-1-07

Happy 2007!

We just have one video for you today, but it is an very inspiring one and a great way to start off the new year.... With Hope For The Future.

The Man Who Planted Trees

Videos for 12-31-06

Well, the year is almost up!

Turtle Attacks Dog

How about a Cajun Wedding!

How about some classic Warner Brothers? I knew a cartoonist by the last name of "Buck" whos' business card said "Buck Amuck" in a clever play on the title of this next cartoon.

Duck Amuck

Speaking of cartoons, here is an old favorite

Hong Kong Phooey: Theme

Hong Kong Phooey: Episode 101a

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Videos for 12-30-06

The staff has been on vacation here at the Eighteen Hundred, so the posts have been a bit lacking.

So, what things did we miss? Well, James Brown died on Christmas. Check out these bad ass dance moves. There will never be another like James Brown.

James Brown: Popcorn

Also, we saw the passing of President Gerald Ford. Here is the clip where he appears on the Simpsons.

The Simpsons: Jerry Ford Clip

Speaking of the Simpsons, here is a good clip of Homer smoking weed.

The Simpsons: Homer Tokes

Speaking of Presidents, John Edwards announced his candidacy for Presidency on YouTube. Many Vloggers were invited to cover his announcement. Here is Steve Garfield talking to Chuck Olsen and Robert Scoble about some "Behind the Scenes" stuff that went on.

Steve Garfield:Behind the Scenes: John Edwards, YouTube and the Campaign Website

Oh, if you did not see the announcement, here it is.

John Edwards: Tomorrow begins Today

It is John Edwards running for President, not John Edward the psychic. This video is about John Edward the psychic.

South Park: John Edward psychic medium

Well, that is all for today. Thanks for checking in and tune in for the next episode!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Videos for 12-19-06

Welcome to today's show. We have more hand picked goodness from the grab bag that is the interenet.

This is Dan McVicar's videoblog, the Late Night Mash. Dan is a real honest to goodness actor, but likes videoblogging better. Here he interviews the Running Fool. This is a ZeFrank fan who asked all the Sports Racers to give him a ride across the US. The response has been overwhelming, and The Running Fool sounds like he is having a great time. Check it yo!

Late Night Mash: Running Fool part 1

Late Night Mash: Running Fool part 2

Hey, it seems that the Running Fool is quite popular this week. Here is another episode of GETV with an interview with Running Fool.

What is it all about? It is about ZeFrank! Ze is quite clever on some days. This day is one of those.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Videos for 12-18-06

I am not really a fan of stand up comedians. However, this guy is pretty funny.

Russell Peters

Russell Peters Part 1

Russell Peters Part 2

Russell Peters Part 3

Russell Peters Part 4

Friday, December 15, 2006

Videos for 12-15-06

It seems that video mashups of popular images set to horror themes are popular these days. We start off today's show with a couple.

Here is one made with clips of Seinfeld.

And another with Mary Poppins!

This one goes the other way. A horror movie that is funny! Texas Chainsaw Massacre set to Benny Hill theme music.

People have talent. And wayyyy too much time on their hands. As this bogus trailer for Snakes on A Plane demonstrates.

Speaking of Snakes on A Plane, and we were all talking about it before it came out, here is a fan made rap video of the song "Snakes on a Plane"

What Snakes on A Plane montage could be complete without "The Line". This is the first time I have seen "The Line", but it is as funny as I imagined.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Videos for 12-14-06

Ok, here we have some posts to demonstrate the power of the internet.

In this video Henry Rollins goes off about how our rights are being taken away.

Don't believe Henry? Check out this footage of the NYPD stealing this journalist's camera and breaking it.

We can't forget Josh Wolf, who is still in jail today for not turning over his camera footage to the authorities.

Ok, now that we have had our dose of reality, how about back to trippy?

This is a cool table, but it looks heavy.

Here is the "Walking Table". Not very practical, but kind of cool.

And we leave you with the French. They are crazy with their mime stuff. Yes, this is cool, but it is still mime.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Videos for 12-13-06

We are going to check out some vloggers today. I had thought that my old crappy ipaq had broken down, so I had not been watching vloggers in a week or so. I figured out that the ipaq was not broken, so I am watching vloggers again. Here are some vloggers and other videos from internet land.

This first vlog was good the first episode, and is good the second.

39 Second Single :Episode Two

I met Paul at the Vloggies. He is a great guy, and vlogging has gotten him on the BBC!

Paul Knight: Paul @ The BBC

No, not Talk Soup, but Vlog Soup.

Vlog Soup: Episode 19

Geek Entertainment TV is a fun show. Here, they talk to Beck's band.

GETV: Let's Hack This Beck

Monday, December 11, 2006

Videos for 12-11-06

Songs from the Andy Griffith Show are really good! The Darlings (The Dillards)made many appearances on the show, and they were always good. Here are some of their best appearances!

I really like this song. It is called Dooley.

Andy Griffith Dooley
time 1:14

This one is nice too.

Andy Griffith There is a Time time 2:26

They had a lot of songs that were good.

Andy Griffith Doug's Tune time 1:49

And again

Andy Griffith Boil them Cabage Down time 1:19

They just keep comming.

Andy Griffith Shady Grove
time 1:40

Andy sings in this one.

Andy Griffith Woah Mule time 1:55


Andy Griffith Low and lonely time 1:16

Salty Dog is quite the crazy song. Catchy....

Andy Griffith Salty Dog time 1:52

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Videos for 12-9-06

Ever wonder what happened to Gilligan after Gilligan's Island? Well, for a while he stared in the Far Out Space Nuts. This show is pretty bad. So bad it is good?

Far Out Space Nuts: Tower of Tagot part 1

Far Out Space Nuts: Tower of Tagot part 2

Far Out Space Nuts: Tower of Tagot part 3

Far Out Space Nuts: Tower of Tagot part 4

Far Out Space Nuts: Tower of Tagot part 5

Here is a special added video. It is a recording of a call to Verizon Wireless. It clocks in at 23 minutes, but hey, what else do you have to do? Man, I thought I was bad at math, but I at least understand what he is trying to explain.

Verizon Wireless Customer Service call.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Videos for 12-7-06

More good stuff as always.

Zefrank was really funny the other day. I like the "Straighting techniques" I have used them many times myself.

Ze Frank: The Show 12-5-06 time 3:35

This next videos shows a good way to ruin your day. And your car. Well, only if you live in England...

Sneaky Drivers time 1:43

This next video is about John Edwards. He is a politician who has some good things to say. At least I think so, and I am a "left wing loony"

Out on The Stoop: John Edwards time 4:00

Speaking of "Left Wing Loonies". Wally George made up that term. Wally George was a right wing talk show host out of Orange County, CA back in the 80's. His Daughter is famouse actress Rebecca DeMorley. You can check him out here...

Wally George: A Real American time 3:35

How about some video of a really good bike rider. I could do this, but I don't want to.

Trials Rider time 1:43

Check out this! Crazy cat gets all the way into a bowl!

Cat in Bowl time :28

Here is a nother crazy video via YouTube. Check out this buggy! It goes straight up the wall!

Little Buggy that Could time :20

Ok, that is all for today's show. See you next time!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Videos for 12-6-06

Hi and welcome to today's show!

The first video we have is from a YouTube celebrity. His name is Renetto and his videos have been seen over 7 million times. He is actually pretty intelligent and has some good things to say sometimes. I like this video, as he "tells his story" about being self unemployed. I found it inspiring. Seriously I did. I even did a video response that you can go find if you want.

Renetto: Self Unemployed time 14:28

I also watch Chasing Windmills every day. This is a daily continuing story about two mildly psychotic people that are dating. Even though this is a continuing story with reoccurring characters, this episode kind of stands alone and I think you just might like it.

Chasing Windmills: Crank time 4:00

I love 80's music of the New Wave flavor. Here is one I had not heard in quite a while, but it is still as good as I remember.

Public Image Limited: This is not a love song time 4:30

Whoa, is that eighteen hundred minutes already? Is anyone even keeping track? Hey, do you have a request? Just let me know by leaving a comment.

Special Bonus Video

Speaking of requests, this is all I could find from Will's request the other day. Not much, but it is a little bit.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Videos for 12-5-06

Well, here we are again, another day, another show! It is not like we are going to ever run out of content to post!

YouTube is really amazing. No matter what kind of bizarre obscure stuff I look up, I always find it on YouTube.

The Banana Splits Theme: time :35

Ok, next up we have a video made by yours truly. Yes, this video is one that I made. It is about the Circus Trees that used to be in Scott's Valley.

Greg's Video Blog: Circus Trees time 5:00

Here is a brand new vlog and it is pretty funny. I hope they can keep it up (no pun intended!)

39 Second Single time 2:35

You really should watch all of the American King posts. All I can say is I love Garrett Lambert!

American King time 3:00

Here is another good show I like. It is called Goodnight Burbank. I met Gordon at the vloggies and he was really nice. I think their show is very well produced and of the highest quality. If you like it, go check out all their videos.

Goodnight Burbank: Episode 18 time 3:00

Ever wonder what happened to Jim Neighbors after Gomer Pyle? He stared as a robot on a cheesy Kroft show

The Lost Saucer: Intro Theme time 1:00

Speaking of the Kroft Superstars. I loved Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. Here is the theme from the second season.

Sigmund the Sea Monster: Intro Theme time 1:45

Ok, there you go. I hope you have enjoyed today's selections. Don't forget to check out our archives for more good stuff and I will see you later!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Videos for 12-4-06

Hey, welcome back!

Today we have some vlogger stuff! Enjoy! This post has no times associated with the posts, but whatever.

Vlog Gumbo

This next video is by request from Will! He said to put in a Oaxaca video, so here you go.

Alive in Mexico.

Rember this crazy show?


Ok there you have it. A short show today, but still a show!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Videos for 12-3-06

Welcome to another show! Today we have more from the exciting world of the best videos on the internet.

I loved this theme song.

Wide, Wilde World of Animals: Intro Theme time :35

Here is a trip down memory lane. Do you remember School House Rock? I liked this one.

School House Rock: Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla time 2:58

Speaking of TV, here is a clip to get you fired up for the next clip after this

Chips Intro time 1:11

This is some amazing driving. Talk about lucky! What would Ponch and John have done?

Police Chase time 2:31

Whoah, surf's up dude! Like waaaaayyyy up! This is a HUGE wave!

Surfing: Big Wave Surfing time 1:29

Speaking of Extreme Sports, have you seen Parkor yet? It is all the rage in Europe. Coming to a urban landscape near you!

Street Parkor Video time 1:40

Here is a good example of the cool thing about internet video. You see all kinds of strange things.

Bottle Music time :41

Gotta love the Moonites

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Prank Call time 1:55

Dave Letterman and Richard Simmons. Those wacky guys!

David Letterman: Exploding Steamer time 2:37

And we end it off with the best ending theme song ever!

Wild World of Animals time :35

Well, that is all we have for this episode! Check us out next time for even more crazy entertainment from the best of the internet.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Videos for 12-2-06

Hi and welcome to the second show!

We have lots of good stuff for you today. These are all videos that I have watched and enjoyed, and now I am passing them on for you to see.

So, kick back and enjoy eighteen hundred seconds of hand picked gems that represent the best videos on the web.

As picked by me.

I really love this first clip. I had not heard it in quite a while, but I remember it being one of the first songs I really like. Going all the way back to the early 70's, we have this clip...

Sesame Street: Capital I time :55

This next video is all about a car that runs on free, waste vegetable oil. The person getting interviewed is me! Yes, I drive this veggie car.

Ryanne is Hungry : Greg Rose: Straight Veggie Oil Car time 5:34

This is a follow up video that Ryanne did about bio-diesel. Now you can learn all about both of these cool technologies!

Ryanne is Hungry: Eric Case on Bio diesel time 6:00

I just saw that Perry Ferrel from Jane's Addiction has a video blog. Here is a cool episode where he interviews Arron Farley, from Obey Propaganda Industries.

Lolla Lives: Shepard Fairey (Webisode 5-Street Galleries) time:2:36

Mike Moon is a vlogger from Canada. Here is a video about when his son waited in line for a new Nintendo Wii. Because the insanity in not just restricted to America.

Mike Moon: Wii time 6:00

So, there you go! Another exciting episode of The Eighteen Hundred. See you next time!