Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Videos for 12-6-06

Hi and welcome to today's show!

The first video we have is from a YouTube celebrity. His name is Renetto and his videos have been seen over 7 million times. He is actually pretty intelligent and has some good things to say sometimes. I like this video, as he "tells his story" about being self unemployed. I found it inspiring. Seriously I did. I even did a video response that you can go find if you want.

Renetto: Self Unemployed time 14:28

I also watch Chasing Windmills every day. This is a daily continuing story about two mildly psychotic people that are dating. Even though this is a continuing story with reoccurring characters, this episode kind of stands alone and I think you just might like it.

Chasing Windmills: Crank time 4:00

I love 80's music of the New Wave flavor. Here is one I had not heard in quite a while, but it is still as good as I remember.

Public Image Limited: This is not a love song time 4:30

Whoa, is that eighteen hundred minutes already? Is anyone even keeping track? Hey, do you have a request? Just let me know by leaving a comment.

Special Bonus Video

Speaking of requests, this is all I could find from Will's request the other day. Not much, but it is a little bit.

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