Saturday, December 02, 2006

Videos for 12-2-06

Hi and welcome to the second show!

We have lots of good stuff for you today. These are all videos that I have watched and enjoyed, and now I am passing them on for you to see.

So, kick back and enjoy eighteen hundred seconds of hand picked gems that represent the best videos on the web.

As picked by me.

I really love this first clip. I had not heard it in quite a while, but I remember it being one of the first songs I really like. Going all the way back to the early 70's, we have this clip...

Sesame Street: Capital I time :55

This next video is all about a car that runs on free, waste vegetable oil. The person getting interviewed is me! Yes, I drive this veggie car.

Ryanne is Hungry : Greg Rose: Straight Veggie Oil Car time 5:34

This is a follow up video that Ryanne did about bio-diesel. Now you can learn all about both of these cool technologies!

Ryanne is Hungry: Eric Case on Bio diesel time 6:00

I just saw that Perry Ferrel from Jane's Addiction has a video blog. Here is a cool episode where he interviews Arron Farley, from Obey Propaganda Industries.

Lolla Lives: Shepard Fairey (Webisode 5-Street Galleries) time:2:36

Mike Moon is a vlogger from Canada. Here is a video about when his son waited in line for a new Nintendo Wii. Because the insanity in not just restricted to America.

Mike Moon: Wii time 6:00

So, there you go! Another exciting episode of The Eighteen Hundred. See you next time!

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