Saturday, January 13, 2007

videos for 1-13-07

Hi and welcome again to the show! Glad you decided to stop by, so go ahead and leave a comment.

Today we start off with a horrible driver. This is truly amazing. They must be wasted or something. The clip is a bit slow in parts, but wait for it, it is worth it!

Bad Driver
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You can file this next video in the "What will they think of next" file. This looks gnarley, but it is probably safer than BASE jumping!

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Check out these crazy birds and their wacky formation.

Bird Flock

This kid does some impressions. 101 in four minutes to be exact.

101 impressions in 4 Minutes

Watch this guy draw a perfect circle.... FREEHAND!

Perfect Circle

I don't know if you have ever messed around with Line Rider, but if you have, you know how cool this video is.

Line Rider - Resistance of the Backflip II

I just saw this song. It is funny and I like the video too.

The Noob Song

Ok, that is all for today! See you next time.

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