Friday, January 26, 2007

Videos for 1-26-07

Hi and welcome to another show! Glad you can join us. Hopefully you will like what we have for you today!

This finger board guy is pretty amazing. I think the word the kids are using today is SICK.

Fingerboard Alexis Milant

Speaking of sick, check out this kid. He takes his wheelchair to the skatepark and does the world's first wheelchair backflip!

Wheelchair Backflip

Here is some bigfoot footage that was supposed to be found in 28,000 feet of footage that they were shooting in Tahoe for Mercedes Benz. The people that shot the footage are claiming that the footage is "real".

Bigfoot Benz

Bigfoot is getting more popular these days as this funny cell phone commercial proves.

Cinglar Cellphone Bigfoot

Ok, that is all we have for you today. Unitll next time! eyeseaubyby

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